September 26, 2023

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What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Who Needs Dedicated Hosting – And Why?

In this digital world, having a Dedicated Server is like your private kingdom. It’s a highly reliable web domain and hosting service that provides a private server for your specific hosting needs. 

Dedicated Servers provide more control over your website management, a solid dedicated hardware, software, and operating system that you can configure precisely how you want. 

So let’s learn more about Dedicated Server Hosting, its features and types, and how it works.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

As discussed above, Dedicated Server Hosting is web hosting where one can lease the entire server from a hosting provider. Dedicated Hosting gives complete control over the server and offers dedicated resources, including CPU cores, storage, bandwidth, and disk space. 

It allows online visitors the best experience by improving your website’s speed, performance, and security. 

As a result, it makes the ideal option for large organisations that have to handle high amounts of traffic daily. 

How Does A Dedicated Server Work?

Let’s see how it works:

  • Dedicated Server Hosting provides an isolated server to a single user rather than sharing the resources with other users. The hosting provider typically supplies the server hardware, network connectivity, and power supply, while the user manages the server’s software, security, and maintenance. 
  • After setting up the resources hosting providers set the server and grand the administrative assess to the then the hosting providers set up the server and grant administrative access to the organisation. 
  • Then the user can install the preferred operating system, application and security protocols. 

In addition, they can customise the server resource according to their specific needs, through which they yield higher performance and handles high-traffic websites very well.

What Are Some Features Of Dedicated Hosting?

  1. Scalability and reliability: Dedicated Server hosting provides highly scalable and reliable resources suitable for a large customer base.
  2. Security: Dedicated Hosting provider offers various security features to secure your server from attacks, such as web app security, SSL certificates, spam filtering, dedicated IP addresses, DDoS protection, intrusion prevention and more. In addition, it also allows you to upgrade the security feature whenever needed.
  3. Hardware choices: As a Dedicated Server solely serves your needs so you can select from a variety of hardware options, including the total number of CPU cores, RAM size, hard disk capacity, RAID, bandwidth, RAM type, and so on, according to the need of your business.
  4. High control: A dedicated service solely serves an organisation, resulting in higher control and flexibility in choosing and managing resources. 

Different Types Of Dedicated Servers

There are two major types of Dedicated Servers, as

  1. Managed Dedicated Server 

This server type comes with entirely technical support from your Dedicated Server provider. 

It means your service provider will manage all the resources and responsibilities such as server set-up, server maintenance network, operation system, control panel issues, hardware, backup, security patches and more. 

  1. Unmanaged Dedicated Server 

As the name suggested, the unmanaged Dedicated Server doesn’t manage by the web hosting provider. 

Instead, they will take care of the physical server’s security and storage and provide the customer’s support whenever needed. In this, you have to manage all the resources and take care of all the responsibilities.


Dedicated Server hosting is the ultimate option for website owners who require higher performance and a rewarding experience. But with great things comes great responsibility. 

Thus, maintaining a Dedicated Server is like maintaining your kingdom, being protected from attack, and keeping it up to date with the latest technology to create, innovate, and expand your digital footprint.