September 30, 2023

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Telemarketing Sales – When Buyers Don’t Buy

In the telemarketing sales profession many sales are lost within the first twenty seconds of the pitch when it comes to executing a telephone sales presentation. Successful salespeople will greet customers with warmth and let their personality naturally sell themselves as a person first. The buyer, in many cases, decides first, before even hearing about the actual offer, if you are a person he or she would like to do business with. When the telephone sales process is not successful it is oftentimes because the salesperson fails to connect with the prospect quickly using a rapport building greeting and opening. The worst part about this is that the potential customer remains on the line and hears you out already having made up his or her mind to say no at the end of the presentation. Its a loss of time, energy and a potential customer when the result could have been different with the correct approach at the very beginning of the pitch.

Secondly, buyers and decision makers sometimes do not buy because of the failure of the salesperson to connect both emotionally and rationally with prospect during the pitch. Successful sales people will use both their heart and their head to make the sales. Keep in mind, as a salesperson you will be successful to the degree buyers…

  • 1) Like you.
  • 2) Believe you.
  • 3) Trust you.

Buyers subconsciously have a built-in meter that is measuring how you rate in these three critical areas. Your job as a sales professional is to register as high as possible in these areas.

Top salespeople also ask the appropriate questions at the right time while “selling the sizzle” and not the steak. Sell the benefits of your product or service to your prospect as opposed to selling them on the actual features of the product. Your questions should be designed to expose the prospects “unsolved problem” as it were. You always want to talk about the end result benefits of the product or service as it relates to your prospects “unsolved problem”. Doing so will make the task of rebutting less of a struggle because there will be less sales resistance at the end of the pitch when you ask for the payment for the item.