September 26, 2023

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iLearning Global Shutdown – Why Did This Top Company Shut Their Doors and What They Should Do Now!

Recent breaking news in the MLM world is that the network marketing company, iLearning Global has shut their doors. But why did this company shut down? What happened to bring such a seemingly successful company to have to make such a drastic decision? Read on to explore the reasons behind the iLearningGlobal shutdown.

Who are they?

iLearning Global was an mlm and network marketing company, founded by Brian Tracy, which marketed personal development and business training products to their members. They provided videos of trainers and speakers, ebooks, live webcasts and audio programs. Representatives promoted the business opportunity through the traditional network marketing method of direct sales and referrals.

The iLearning Global Shutdown:

The company officially closed their doors on March 17, 2010 due to a lack of competitive edge and market demand as the majority of the information they marketed was freely available elsewhere. This has of course been a huge blow to the members of iLearning Global and many of the members are now being forced to look elsewhere to bigger and better things.

What iLearning Global Reps Should do next:

The best solution I can give for anyone facing tough times such as a company shutdown is to look online for a more automated and “recession-proof” system that will be able to stand the test of time. The internet has proven itself to be a viable tool and business industry for any entrepreneur looking to create a long term income source.

During times like these when many mlm companies have been forced to shut their doors, it becomes even more crucial to be absolutely certain that you have teamed up with an Internet Marketing program that will have the tools and resources needed to show you how to brand yourself and not just a company or a product. You will never go away and people always follow people. So if you learn the right strategies to develop a brand around yourself you can have assurance that the business and team you are working so hard to develop will always have stability and you can continue to rely on your own track record no matter what may have happened to the particular products or services that you are marketing.

The iLearning Global Shut down was very unfortunate but for the members with an entrepreneurial spirit it may prove to be just the push they needed to ensure that their future in business and marketing will be even more exciting as they learn to better market themselves with clever online marketing techniques and strategies.

Top Internet Marketing School and Mentoring Program:

The best solution will be to team up with an Online Marketing School that specializes in teaching all the top Internet Marketing Techniques such as article and video marketing, social media networking and keyword research for search engine optimization in order to ensure that you will develop a stellar brand and be able to drive continuous, qualified traffic to your websites! The best part is that they actually pay their members up to $900 US per day to refer new students to their program!