September 26, 2023

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How to Cold Call As a Staffing Sales Executive

If you don’t believe that cold calls work in 2017 then stop reading this article and get back to email. Cold calling still works in a BIG way. Here’s why and here’s how to make an effective cold call in staffing…

Depending on the industry you staff for, cold calls will be more effective than others. For example, the industry I service, Telecommunications, is comprised of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers who aren’t afraid of human contact and conversation via phone. This is how we grew up and this was the preferred method in the business world back in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s.

… Look at your industry and understand your target audience.

For cold calls to work, you must believe it will. You can not have a shadow of doubt in your mind before picking up that phone. Get your mindset right and convince yourself this will work.

What is the best way to open your call? Here’s my pitch…
“Hi Peter, (never use Mr. last name), makes you look subservient off the bat. My name is x, with x company and our core competency is x,x,x. We work with x companies within our industry to help them secure qualified resources for projects and/or direct hire. Can I be a resource for you from time-to-time?

That’s IT! Then SIT BACK AND BE QUIET. I don’t care if 20 seconds of awkward silence occurs, awkward silence is good! I see and hear so many staffing sales execs ramble on and talk themselves out of opportunities. Listen and listen more.

Let’s dissect my pitch above. The first name establishes a level playing field. Posture and positioning is critical in sales, (read any Seth Godin book) especially, within the staffing and recruiting business. Sharing core competency and clients establishes relevance and credibility right away. This is also critical because most peoples’ attention span nowadays is 1-2 seconds.

The word “qualified” says so much. Hiring managers need quality. If you simply say we secure resources, then you don’t separate yourself from other recruiters. If he questions your “quality” claim, this is a when you have him! Share success stories. Share what other clients tell you. This is powerful.

I use projects and direct hire to make sure he understands we cover both sides of the business and we can be flexible with his business needs. Hiring managers love options and flexibility.

My final question, “Can I be a resource for you from time-to-time?” has been my ACE in the hole. Very non-threatening and doesn’t make you look desperate. It gets the hiring manager thinking proactively and if he is wise he will keep you in his mind in the event he needs you in the near future.